Andrei Sin has been recruited as the new CEO of PIN Sweden AB. Andrei has 13 years of experience in the telecom industry most recently worked at Bahnhof as a regional manager in Gothenburg.

“We are extremely happy and proud to have recruited Andrei Sin to the role as CEO of PIN. He has the right vision and will bring valuable experience from the telecoms industry to drive the strategic development of the company. I see him as experienced, competent and important for the company’s continued development. My commitment to the company will continue but in the future I have the opportunity to wholeheartedly focus on the realisation of InfraComs growth strategy at group level, “says Bo Kjellberg, President and CEO InfraCom Group AB (publ).

Clear Mission
“The mission is clear, the owners ‘ goals and willingness to grow into an established player in the telecom industry in Sweden feels inspiring. What I think I can contribute with is a combination of entrepreneurship, business thinking and understanding for the industry. With my experience I hope to create the conditions for such growth within the company. One important factor in being able to expand is that we manage to retain and recruit skilled personnel. Another is, to invest more resources on sales in order to find exciting new opportunities. We’re going to challenge, grow and take place” says Andrei Sin.

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