CUSTOMERS. The result of PIN customer survey is here and we’re happy to announce a 4.17 in SCI (“Satisfied Customer Index”) on a scale of 1-5.

“I’m happy and proud of the great results and of my awesome employees says Andrei Sin, CEO of PIN Sweden AB. At the same time, it is important to be humble. We will try harder in the coming year and deliver more world-class services.

A summary of the result:

  • Satisfied Customer Index: 4.17 out of 5
  • On the question “How satisfied are you with the services we delivered?” PIN was rated 4.20 out of 5.
  • On the question “How do you think the services meet what was promised at the time of sale?” PIN was rated 4.12 out of 5.
  • On the question “How do you think our phone support works?” PIN was rated 4.19 out of 5.
  • On the question “Would you recommend PIN to other companies” 89% answered yes..
About the survey:
The survey is a result of a questionnaire that went out to PIN customers on Friday, November 9th. The next survey is scheduled May 9th, 2019.

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